• 1. Oral and practical examination should be conducted at clinical area only.

  • 2 Examiners appointed by MSBNPE has to fill the oral & practical marks online and submit it as per given schedule.

  • 3 Online entry of marks is mandatory for examiners, if fail to fill online marks, hand written copy will not be considered for the result

  • 4 Before submitting marks verify all seat numbers with marks. After submission of final marks examiners will not able to edit it

  • 5 Strictly follow the schedule of oral and practical examination displayed on site

  • 6 Non availability of appointed examiners should be informed to exam dept MSBNPE immediately by examiners in writing.

  • 7 If there is any changes in examiners and date of examination, kindly inform to examination department MSBNPE and take approval for substitute examiner and date before taking oral & practical examination.

  • 8 Hard copies (both hand written and computer print) of the oral and practical marks with duly signed by examiners should be sent to MSBNPE within 8 days of post examination.

  • 9 Examiner has to print out two copies of generated report, send one sealed copy to Exam Dept MSBNPE and O/C sealed copy should be available with Principal.

  • 10 If external examiner is not willing to conduct the examination due to any genuine reason has to inform in writing prior examination to exam dept, MSBNPE.

  • 11 Absent students seat member should be highlighted.

  • 12 Upload oral & practical examination appointment letters

  • 13 Upload Hospital permission letter for conduction of oral and practical examination
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